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Updates to “Gobble” Up

Nov 21, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Week! Foundation is framed on B-12 Angelfish Slab has been poured on B-13 Angelfish Framing and sheathing on B-14 Angelfish Sod has been put down around Angelfish B-15 CV-4 The Marlin is under roof and windows are being installed Siding is on CV-5 The Tarpon Windows and house wrap are complete for CV-7 […]

Rainy Day, But Progress is Underway!

Nov 9, 2017

Additional landscaping is being added to the Angelfish on B-15 Framing Angelfish B-14 Foundation has been framed on the Angelfish on B-13 and the Albacore C-6 Trusses have been set on CV-4 The Marlin Siding is being installed on the Tarpon on CV-5 Framing and sheathing CV-7 The Tarpon Siding and drywall have been installed […]

Updates Today for Phase 1A

Nov 7, 2017

Coping the pool at the Clubhouse Pouring concrete for sidewalks and curbs in front of the Clubhouse Framing has begun for The Angelfish of B-14 Framing and sheathing CV-4 The Marlin and CV-7 The Tarpon Digging for the storm water drains and water lines CV-10 The Marlin is ready for slab to be poured Caulking […]

Another Slab Is Poured!

Nov 2, 2017

Plumbers are setting fixtures in the Bath House Slab was poured today on B-14 The Angelfish Framers are working on CV-4 The Marlin and C-3 The Bonita Framing has started on The Tarpon on CV-7 Roofers are installing the roof on CV-9 The Tarpon Painters are caulking the exterior on CV-3 The Marlin Plumbers and […]

Trusses, Siding, And More!

Oct 31, 2017

More palm trees have been planted around the Clubhouse They are finished grading the front parking area of the Clubhouse Added more landscape in the center island Blue tile has been put on the outer rim of pool CV-4 The Marlin is being sheathed The roof is complete on CV-5 The Tarpon and C-2 The […]

Nothing But Blue Skies And Building Supplies!

Oct 26, 2017

Palm trees are going in around the Clubhouse Tile is being put on the pool Grading around the Clubhouse to create a parking area CV-4 has started to go vertical Metal ribbed roofing accents are going on The Tarpon on CV-5 Starting to lay out the framing for CV-7 The Tarpon The Tarpon on CV-9 […]

Construction News Flash for Tuesday

Oct 24, 2017

New furniture on the covered loggia at the Clubhouse Digging around the Clubhouse pool for plumbing Graded dirt around the pool Slab ready on CV-4 The Marlin House wrap is going on CV-5 The Tarpon Sheathing CV-9 The Tarpon Foundation framed on CV-10 The Marlin Setting trusses on CV-1 The Tarpon Caulking and getting ready […]

Thursday Announcements

Oct 19, 2017

Foundation is framed for B-14 The Angelfish Temporary walkway and pavers have been added to the front of the Clubhouse Concrete slab was poured today on lot CV-4 The Marlin Next door on CV-5, all of the sheathing is completed Slab has been poured on CV-7 The Tarpon Framing is still underway on The Tarpons […]

Tuesday Highlights

Oct 17, 2017

The pool has been completely formed with concrete The doors are being painted on the Bath House Under slab plumbing for CV-4 The Marlin Framing and sheathing CV-5 and CV-9 Final framing on lots C-10, C-2 and CV-3 and getting ready for inspection Digging footers and getting ready for slab to be poured on C-8 […]

More Thursday Updates!

Oct 12, 2017

We announced this morning that our community pool was getting concrete today, but we also have a lot of other progress going on around the development! We are now going vertical on The Tarpons on CV-9 and CV-1 Framers are also working on CV-5 and finishing up on C-10 The painters are putting final touches […]

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