Meet the Kingfish Bay Team

Eric Samson / Owner

Kingfish Bay Development LLC

Eric Samson is a titan of industry. From humble beginnings, Mr. Samson has grown his company, Macsteel Global, into one of the world’s largest privately owned steel conglomerates. Employing thousands, across 6 continents (39 countries), Macsteel Holdings’ annual revenues are in the billions.

Beyond world-class business acumen, Mr. Samson’s philanthropic nature is legendary. Mr. Samson’s officially recognized charitable gifts have been in excess of $100 million worldwide, primarily in the areas of education, health, and children’s causes, and most of this work has gone without fanfare.

Now in his late 70s, Mr. Samson has turned his attention to passion projects: Enter Kingfish Bay. Like other members of the Kingfish Bay Development team, this project is about building a community like no other for residents to enjoy. With a broad smile, Mr. Samson is quick to inform that his greatest pleasure is time spent with his wife, children, and grandchildren. Mr. Samson’s work has taken him around the world and he concludes that one’s home and community is the best place on the planet. Kingfish Bay is an effort to make this true for its residents

Jeffrey Samson / President & CEO

Kingfish Bay Development LLC

Jeff saw what the raw property, now Kingfish Bay, could be before any other.  That’s kind of Jeff’s thing, he brings ideas to life. Jeff’s career has been primarily focused on Supply Chain Management in the areas of marketing, operations, financials, information technology, and transactional experience.

Prior to joining Kingfish Bay Development, LLC., Jeff worked at the Macsteel Group of Companies (a multinational company), where he occupied various Executive positions from 1984 to 2008 and serves as President and CEO for Action Wobble Inc. from 2004 to present.

Jeff currently serves on the Board of Directors of Macsteel Holdings and Kingfish Bay Development, LLC.  In 1988/1989, he completed Certificates in Marketing Management, Sales Management, Retail Marketing, and Salesmanship from the Institute of Marketing Management in Johannesburg, South Africa.  His wife and three adult children are most important in his life.

Jim Snyder / Chief Operating Officer

Snyder Design Group LLC

Jim Snyder is the lead designer and community planner for Kingfish Bay. Jim’s award winning career spans 25+ years, primarily in the areas of home design, land development planning, landscaping and interior design. Jim’s impressive portfolio reflects the experience he brings to bear at Kingfish Bay.

Including community planning, monument designs, and countless residential projects, Jim’s career has resulted in retail values in excess of $800M.

Jim was chosen for Kingfish Bay because of his unique passion and expertise in designing residential communities that enhance the modern way we live and relax, while maintaining the natural beauty of the development setting.

Eric Smith / CFO

Kingfish Bay Development LLC

Eric joins the Kingfish Bay Development team as our head accountant.  A community development project is built with wood and bricks, but it is also built on spreadsheets and ledgers. Eric brings 25 years of experience in the field of accounting. Working for a real estate investment firm for over a decade, Eric is a specialist in community development projects.

While Eric has a passion for the accounting aspect of real estate, his first love is his family.  Married for 25 years with 5 children, Eric is quick to tell you how blessed he has been.

Ricky Dove / Director of Construction

Kingfish Bay Development LLC

Ricky is a vital part of the Kingfish Bay team, taking the designs and ideas from paper to reality. Ricky’s knowledge spans over 42 years with experience in both residential and commercial construction along the East Coast. The first on-site and last to leave, he’s committed to superior quality and results.

When Ricky’s not building homes for Kingfish Bay, he’s building memories with his wife Debbie, their children, and 3 grandsons in Virginia.